Clear Creek 2000 Rotary Club members and friends lead the parade in Georgetown, Colorado (pop. ~ 1200) July 4, 2023.  
With the leadership and energy of Rotarians Amy and Danny Tomlinson, Clear Creek 2000 Rotary Club members and friends "showed the flag" in Georgetown's July 4 parade.  More importantly, they gave about 1500 flags to parade watchers, who were enthused to get them.   We "showed the flag" in another way, introducing a new banner to make for clear that Danny and his jeep, and Amy and her costumed friends were "Rotary." (The author is puzzled how they can run around handing out flags in those elegant dresses and hats because he does not get to see the parade while working on the Barbecue Event in the Town Park.)
 Marching and handing out flags (L to R) are Taryn Young, Amy Tomlinson, Tobi Howell, Robin Keys and Tara Worley, patriotic and fun-loving souls all!